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Yep, thats George Jr.  He has as Loved Sound All His Life.  At An Early Age, He Borrowed His Dad’s Old Wollensak Reel-To-Reel And Recorded Anything That Made A Noise - Playing It Back In Different Ways, To Create New Sounds.  One Of His Favorite Pastimes Was To Invite His Friends Over To Play “Radio Theater” - He Would Write Skits, Assign Parts, Voicing Many Himself.  It Seemed Only Natural That Radio Would Come The Perfect Career Choice.  After Working For Years As An Award-Winning Image Producer In Florida, George Was Hired By An Atlanta Radio Station That Relocated Him To The Top 9 Radio Market.  Once In Atlanta, He Was Selected To Be The Network Voice Of Turner Broadcasting’s TBS, Cartoon Network And TNT.  Soon Outside Offers, And The Desire To Create A Better End Product, Resulted In The Building Of A High Quality Professional Studio And Offices In His Home. The Timing Could Not Have Been More Perfect!  With The Advent Of The Internet And Its Ability To Send Audio Anywhere In The World, George Was An Early Pioneer In Providing Clean And Clear Digital Audio Anywhere And Everywhere.  Now As The Voice Of WABC-NY, WLS-Chicago, And KABC-LA, George Provides Voice And Sound Design To Select Radio And Television Networks, Agencies And Companies Like, Sony, Nikon, Nintendo, And More.  His Versatility And Direction Skills Have Made Him A Trusted Choice For Many Companies.  It’s A Well Balanced Recipe…The Right Voice And Performance, The Right Song And Music, And For Those Wanting More Than Voice - The Right Engineering.  But Loving What You Do, Respecting Your Clients, The Desire To Always Over-Serve And Anticipate Their Needs By Doing Whatever It Takes - At A Reasonable Rate - Is What Really Makes The GR Voices Difference.