George Robinson Voices ( is a voice actor, sound designer firm based in Atlanta, Georgia. We pride ourselves on our professional studio, fast, friendly service - with reasonable rates. Please take a listen to the demos below - categorized according to types of reads. You can also continue to scroll down for more of my demos, along with studio images, sound design samples, info, rates, and more. GRVoices is an excellent and dependable source for voice, complete ready for broadcast production, and sound design for films or industrials. I can also connect you with additional voice talents you might need.  Using Source Connect Pro, ISN, Skype along with Chrome driven IPDTL, and Source Connect Now you can direct the talent from the comfort of your own office. I simply connect with the talent, then connect with you, and you can direct the session while I record and engineer - allowing the talent to focus on their performance giving you the best outcome for your investment. The voice files are either then produced with music and sound design or sent to you neatly arranged with a cut sheet for your post session.  


Thanks for stopping by to listen! Please contact me to answer any questions at (770) 649-7098 or