Sound to Picture  

Studio Connect



Voice services for your promo, commercial, or internet projects.  

On call and instant access for your radio, TV station or other projects requiring reoccurring voice work.


GR Voices provides complete production, from script to broadcast-ready audio, using the largest collection of sounds effects, music, and sound design skills.

Cinematic sound design

With the complete Native instruments, Heavyocity, Spitfire, Output and many other libraries, cinematic sound design is available for your movie trailer, internet film, or any other project you want to bring to life.


Let's say you are in Memphis and your voice talent is in Kansas.  You want to direct the session but rather not do it over the phone because it just doesn't sound as good as if you were in a studio.  Plus if your talent has to clutch the phone in one hand while trying to record voice over with the other, it becomes a juggling act that will affect their performance.

GR Voices.com has a better way with studio connect.   Now you can direct the session, while I record - letting your talent focus only on their performance.  You enjoy crystal clear digital audio on your PC, and I record the session while keeping track of the tracks.  There is nothing to download, the program is on my system. An internet connection is all you need to link us together in a virtual studio.  Cool!   Find out more by calling GRVoices.com today.  770-649-7098.